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Houdini Geometry Essentials Super Bundle 01+02+03+04+05+06+07+08

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Courses Included in This Bundle:

Houdini Geometry Essentials 01
Components & Primitive Types
ersion 2.0

The first course in a collection designed to provide you with deep understanding of fundamental geometry concepts and workflows – the bedrock of everything you’ll do in Houdini.


Houdini Geometry Essentials 02 
Attributes - Principles, Normals & Vectors

Attributes are the heart of Houdini’s power and this course goes deeper than any other to make sure you understand the mathematical, physical and computing concepts behind the data. 


Houdini Geometry Essentials 03 
Attributes, Variables & Parameters

Learn the difference between attributes and variables, understand how to use parameter expressions, and put it to use creating procedural systems.


Houdini Geometry Essentials 04
Drive Parameters with Attributes

Master generating, modifying and using attributes to drive SOP parameters. Learn how to work with expressions, and understand when to use relative versus absolute paths.


Houdini Geometry Essentials 05
Dive into

Get a head start on VEX. Learn how to use VOPs to control your attributes, modify geometry and build custom SOPs. 


Houdini Geometry Essentials 06
Scattering & Distribution

Harness new levels of proceduralism. Dive deep into controlling attributes using noise and random functions, and learn to manipulate attributes using colour correction techniques.


Houdini Geometry Essentials 07
Interactive Selections

Learn how to drive Houdini in interactive mode. Build essential skills for direct modelling and everything else that you should be doing in a non-procedural way.


Houdini Geometry Essentials 08
Procedural Selections: Groups

Master a crucial step in procedural geometry workflows. Learn all the essential Group SOPs and how to use data and conditions to make complex procedural selections.


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"I've been using Houdini sporadically in my pipeline for years now, together with other tools, piecing together information from all kinds of sources over time – but this is the first time I am able to learn Houdini in a methodical and structured way. Thank you for that."
Achim Dietze - 3D, Post Production & VFX Artist

"Without this course I would have given up on Houdini for sure. I like to learn software and have watched dozens of tutorials, but the problem in those is that they assume you have been using Houdini since the day it was released. Thanks to this course I got the essential knowledge of Houdini and was able to learn more myself :) Thank you VERY much! I'll be waiting for the next courses!"
Antti Nuoreva - 3D Enthusiast