Two Decades of Creative Production Experience

Hipflask Founder and Instructor

Fraser Shiers

Fraser is an award-winning creative director, 3D artist and university lecturer, with rich experience using Houdini for complex and high profile work and teaching others to do the same.

His work is driven by strong design thinking and a commitment to craft.

Industry Expertise

Founder and Director,
Forge & Morrow

Founded in 2012, Forge & Morrow is a digital image-making studio, specialising in 3D illustration and animation. With Fraser leading the charge, the studio has been commissioned to produce work by the biggest brands, advertising agencies and publishers across the globe. 

As a result, Fraser’s work has been recognised with a number of prestigious international awards, including wins at the World Illustration Awards, and a slew of Platinum and Gold accolades at the Creativity International Awards.

Forge & Morrow used 3D Studio Max for many years before transitioning to Houdini as the backbone of their pipeline – and there’s definitely no going back. Today the studio finds Houdini's flexible and robust toolset to be the perfect match for handling the diverse range of work and tight deadlines posed by creating 3D work for the demanding advertising industry.

A few Forge & Morrow clients

Education Expertise

Sessional Lecturer in 3D Animation,
University of Newcastle

Fraser designed a specific curriculum for the University of Newcastle, Australia, teaching Houdini to complete beginners in 3D animation. Within a single semester, his students go from having never touched Houdini to producing a 30-second animation using the software from start to finish.

With Hipflask, Fraser takes everything he’s learnt from designing and teaching this degree-level course and turns it into an accessible, online format – with more detail than ever possible in a university program.


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