Essential Houdini Training for Beginners

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Houdini Made Easy

Step by Step process for learning Houdini

The Houdini made easy series is a structured learning path to take you from complete beginner to comfortable and confident using Houdini as your day to day DCC.

Complete and Comprehensive

You'll progressively and logically build solid generalist working knowledge and skill in each area of Houdini. 

Designed to Build Solid Foundations

A solid understanding of CG and math concepts is more important with Houdini than it often is with other applications. This course covers the fundamentals that you need to master Houdini.


Ultimate Houdini Reference Guide

Each module is a structured and searchable series of 3-10 minute lessons so you can quickly and easily look up a specific tool, technique or concept.

Houdini Made Easy 01

The Core Essentials

Start Learning

10 Modules in Total

What's released and what's coming soon?

01 The Core Essentials

Over 5 hours and over 50 individual lessons of free Houdini training to get you up and running with the basics. 

We cover the User Interface, Navigation, Selection and Transform tools, tools and techniques for working quickly in the viewport, understanding and working with Houdini's different contexts and network types, tools and techniques for working quickly and efficiently in the network editor. 


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02 Geometry - Direct Modelling Essentials

We start with exploring geometry components in Houdini and we'll understand foundational Houdini concepts such as why Houdini calls faces 'primitives' and why geometry has vertices as well as points. We’ll learn how to make quick and controlled component level selections in the viewport before studying the essential core geometry nodes. We'll cover poly modelling, curves and curve modelling techniques, booleans and raying geometry, deformations, importing and exporting geometry.     

Coming Soon - Find Out When

03 Geometry - Procedural Modelling Essentials

We begin with learning what proceduralism is and how to discern when a procedural or direct modelling approach is more efficient. We'll build a full understanding of how to create and work with groups and attributes which are both essential foundations of procedural geometry workflows in Houdini. We'll continue to build up our knowledge of the many different nodes available in the geometry context and how we work with them to build procedural networks. We'll explore two of the key principles of procedural modelling: copying and randomising.   

Coming Soon

More modules to be announced soon

How's the course delivered?

A new module will be released every 8-10 weeks and each one will be approximately 2-4 hours of concise and detailed video training.  The overall course length will be 25-40 hours.

Individual Modules will be available to purchase separately and you'll receive lifetime access. Bundle discounts and a subscription option are coming soon.  

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Who's this course for?

3D artists transitioning to Houdini from another DCC

If you're an artist with experience in another DCC such as Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, or Blender, then this course will teach you all the essentials you need to transition to Houdini.

Complete Beginners

If you're looking to get into 3D content creation for the first time and want to get started using Houdini then this structured learning path will see you pick up Houdini as quickly and easily as you would any other major 3D app. Don’t believe that Houdini's only a tool for experienced 3D artists!

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Houdini Made Easy

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