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Section 01

User Interface


1. Changing the UI Scale
2. User Interface Part01 - Panes and Tabs
3. User Interface Part02 - Playbar, Shelves, Desktops and Menus


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Section 02

Navigating, Selecting and Transforming


1. Viewport Navigation
2. Basic Selections and Network View Navigation
3. Transforms Part01 - World Coordinates and Moving Objects
4. Transforms Part02 - Rotation, Scale and Handle Alignment
5. Reverting to Defaults
6. The Value Ladder
7. Transform Modifier Keys and Middle Mouse Drag
8. The Handle Tool
9. Transforming an Object's Pivot


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Section 03

Working in the Viewport


1. Handle Detachment
2. Transforming Multiple Objects at Once
3. Match Transforms
4. Align State and Orientation Picking
5. Viewports and Viewport Layouts
6. Geometry Shading Modes
7. View Radial Menu
8. Quickviews
9. Construction Planes
10. Quickplanes
11. Snapping Basics
12. Snapping - Gravity and Occlusion
13. Snapping - Depth Snap
14. Snapping - Interior Snapping
15. Snapping - Orient on Snap


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Section 04

Contexts and Networks


1. The Concept of Contexts
2. Introduction to Houdini's Different Contexts
3. Navigating Networks Part 1 and the Tab Menu
4. Navigating Networks Part 2 and the Tree View
5. Connecting Nodes Across Different Networks OBJ-MAT
6. Root Level Network Directories vs Custom Network Mangers
7. Contexts Overview Part 01 - GEO & OBJ
8. Contexts Overview Part 02 - COP
9. Contexts Overview Part 03 - ROP
10. Contexts Overview Part 04 - MAT & VOP
11. Contexts Overview Part 05 - CHOP
12. Contexts Overview Part 06 - DOP
13. Contexts Overview Part 07 - TOP
14. Object Level vs Geometry Level Transforms and Coordinates


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Section 05

Working in the Network Editor


1. Object Level Node Flags and Node Ring
2. Working With Geometry Level Nodes
3. Geometry Level Display, Render and Bypass Flags
4. Wiring, Disconnecting, Copying and Merging Nodes
5. Template Flag
6. Lock Flag
7. Laying Out and Arranging Nodes
8. Comments, Colours, Shapes and Network Boxes
9. Obj Level Organisation, Network Badges and Sticky Notes
10. Quickmarks, Bookmarks and Network Overview
11. Customising the Desktop for Multiple Network Views
12. Background Images


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